Koviloor Math is situated 2 km west of Karaikudi,
an important town in the Chettinadu area. This Math
was the first to translate Vedantha texts into Tamil for the benefit of Tamil speaking population.

It was established by Tavathiru Muthuramalinga
Gnanadesikar known as Koviloor Andavar. He was
responsible for the stone structure of the temple at Koviloor. He got the Vedanta teachings systematized
in a similar manner as university syllabus and set
them in sixteen books, so that numerous disciples
could be taught. Many students learn Vedanta here
without any discrimination. Many of them also
established Maths in their own places under the lead. This Aadheenam is reverved by the Nagarathars of
Nattukottai ( Chettinadu).

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