Sanatana Dharma is a way of life, based on morals, which goes back tens of thousands of years, much before what is known as the Vedic period. It is not what is called Hinduism today, it is not a religion as seen and practised now, but a culture beyond religion, caste and ethnicity, a culture which applies to mankind as a whole. It is neither sectarian nor narrow minded. Our culture is millions of years old; the concept of our culture is based on scientific and cosmic knowledge, codified by great saints and seers; it is spread all over the world as proved by evidences, which have been discovered in varied corners of the world in a broad spectrum. It also proves that the people from the Indus Valley, when their lives were threatened there, moved to different parts of the globe and carried their culture, arts and beliefs with them. Prof. Einstein, the Nobel laureate, once observed that "science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame." This is the interpretation of Sanatana Dharma in today's context.

              Both creation and maintenance are absolutely based on order, harmony and rhythm. Those factors, which are instrumental in the realm of creation become insturmental in maintenance also. In respect of worldly-order, these factors collectively go by the name "Sanatana Dharma", which means the perennial and spontaneous system of order, harmony and rhythm. Sanatana Dharma is a self-evolved system of sustenance, covering all the essential aspects of harmonious and blissful life - both material and spiritual.

              Our contemporary period reflects how far we have been unmindful of the constituent factors of orderly maintenance of harmonious and peaceful global life. Unwanted and harmful negativities are being nourished instead of giving actual expression to the positive factors of harmony and order. The aggravated nourishment of negative factors has largely and seriously resulted in political, societal, material and spiritual disharmony and disorder.

              Now, a pleasant and auspicious time has dawned to focus our attention on the basic principles that constitute the perennial system of order, harmony and rhythm. The emergence of the World University of Traditional Science, Technology and Culture of India, the first of its kind, obviously marks the dawning of such precious time.

               With the sole motive of preserving and maintaining the sources and the instrumental facotors of Sanatana Dharma, the World University of Traditional Science, Technology and Culture of India is now conceived and given a well-defined shape and well-designed structure. This is going to be established at Koviloor, 2 km west of Karaikkudi, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu.


              (World University of Sanatana Dharma)

              The University will mainly focus on preserving and maintaining the essential sources and instrumental factors of Sanatana Dharma and on keeping the traditional streams of Sanatana Dharma alive and flow for ever. Following are the activities to be undertaken by the University:

               To identify the original Vedic Sutras, Vaastu Sutras and Mantras and to explain them against the background of actual practice.

               To revive and vitalize the traditional and classical music as applicable to the temples, mainly based on Tamil hymns of Tirumurai and Nalayaira Divya Prabandham; To collect Tamil songs related to temples and festivals from various literary sources and to publish them with musical notes and notations. To offer tradition-based training in music related to temples.

               To conduct workshops and training courses in traditional Vaastu and to conduct practical-oriented training courses on traditional architecture incorporating the principles and techniques of contemporary architecture and engineering. (architecture and town planning based on the Vaastu Sastras and the works of Mayan)

               To document important temple forms and sculptural representations covering technical and agamic concepts.

               To study the nature and impact of temple rituals and festivals, based on the principles of ecological and environmental sciences.

               To train the Archakas as per the Agamic directions.

               To undertake higher and advanced studies in Agama, Vaastu, astrology, astronomy and Siddha system of medicines.

               To focus on land and marine archaeology and thereby to unearth the hidden sources and evidences of the science-based Indian culture.

               To offer the systematic and tradition-based training in Nadaswaram, Tavil and such other musical instruments of pristine tradition of Tamil Nadu.

               To offer tradition-based training course in Classical Dance related to the temples of Saivism and Vaishnavism.

               To encourage institutions engaged in the revival and promotion of ancient Indian sciences and technologies that lie at the root of our Sanatana Dharma.

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